Personal Licence Holder Practice Test

Before you take the practice test, please take note of the following:

This is not an actual BIIAB exam. This is our own exam, which has been set and written by us. We have tried to make this practice test as realistic as possible, so we have:

  • Set a 40 minute time limit
  • Set 40 questions
  • Set a pass rate of 70% (27 of 40 questions must be correct)
  • Tested areas that are found in the BIIAB syllabus
  • Used a format that is similar to that found in the BIIAB exam

That said, success or failure in this test does not necessarily guarantee success or failure in the BIIAB exam. We hope you find the practice test useful, and we would really appreciate some feedback from you on it.

By clicking 'Take Test' below, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above statement.

Best regards,

The Training Team

Licensed Retail Training Ltd